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How to purchase a good quality toner cartridge?

Talking about how to purchase a good quality hp 30x toner, many people will have many ideas. Today we also want to introduce some points.

Resolution refers to the dots (DPI) that can be printed per inch. The thickness of the toner particles directly affects the resolution. We can print out some small words with more strokes to visually check whether they are fuzzy or not to judge whether the resolution is high or low. also may observe whether the lines have flash edges, whether the Chinese characters are broken at the corners, and whether there are hollow hairs or not. At present, the resolution of toner is mainly 300 dpi, 600 dpi, and 1200 dip. The higher the resolution of the printer, the higher the requirement for toner, which is why some 12A toners are used on high resolution printers such as the HP 1200 and 4100, and the print quality is not very satisfactory.

About fixed degree, fixity refers to the ability of carbon powder attached to the surface of the paper to penetrate into the paper fibers after melting. Melting point is an important factor affecting the degree of toner setting. When the melting point is too high, the paper with the CF230A Toner Cartridges particles passing through the fixing assembly and not sufficiently melted and permeated into the paper fibers has passed through the fixing assembly. However, if the melting point is too low, the stability of the toner becomes very poor. When we tested, we could touch the surface of the printed graphic with our hands to feel the roughness, and we found that the degree of fixation was good and bad. In general, poorly-set toners will have a rough printed surface.

About the ghosting, it is formed because the unequal bit-charge area formed by the text pattern of the photosensitive surface still remains a charge area that can cause a latent image after completing an image formation, so that the latent image is still visible in the next image formation. The electrical properties of toner directly affect the appearance of ghosting. The phenomenon of ghosting is similar to ghosting, but it is different from ghosting. The phenomenon of ghosting is generally caused by a malfunction phenomenon of the machine, such as the destruction of the fluorine layer of the upper roller in the fixing assembly, causing sticky powder, thereby causing ghosting.
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